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Hanne Kolstø
Forever Maybe CD

99 NOK
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Hanne Kolstø is a musical trapeze artist. She evolves, pulsates and lives to find what is true for herself, and she does so while balancing high above the circus ring. Her music exudes confidence, but the underlying uneasiness poses a constant threat to the comfort of the listener. You look up and keep your fingers crossed.

Forever Maybe is Hanne’s fourth album in four years, and there are more doors open to different genres than before. However, there are still airy vocals, soaring under the canvas ceiling, and still it sounds like something coming directly out of nature. After all, that is where she belongs.

She drew a full tent crowd at Øyafestivalen this summer; a concert rewarded 6 out of 6 by national radio station NRK P3. Her last two albums were both nominated for Best pop album at the Norwegian Grammy awards. In addition, all singles from these albums have been playlisted on NRK P3.

The last album, Stillness And Panic (Jansen Plateproduksjon 2013), received rave reviews in the international media, including The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Q magazine. She was also given solely excellent reviews in Norway, including 5s and 6s from newspapers VG, Dagbladet, BT and Østlendingen, from radio station NRK P3 and Spirit magazine, to name a few.

Producers of Forever Maybe are Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen and Hanne Kolstø once again, but she is also collaborating with her previous partner from bands such as Thelma & Clyde, Love:Fi and POST, namely musician and producer Morten Martens.

Hanne Kolstø has previously released:

Love:Fi, 18 (2009)

Thelma & Clyde, EP (2009)

Thelma & Clyde, White Line (2010)

Post, Common rand of people (2010)

Hanne Kolstø, Riot Break (2011)

Hanne Kolstø, FlashBack (2012)

Hanne Kolstø, Stillness and panic (2013)


Side A

01 Blanko

02 Synnecrosis

03 We Don´T See Ourselves

04 Nothing To Talk About

05 The Urge To Repeat

Side B
06 Forever Maybe

07 All Is Contagious

08 True Story

09 Rooftop

10 What Is This Meant To Mean

Sondre Lerche

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